The International ISMISS Courses

ISMISS was founded by a group of active pioneer surgeons in the field of minimal invasive and endoscopic spinal surgery. Even before its conception in 1988 in occasion of the Bruxelles meeting, several meetings focussing on this newly evolving field were held in Japan, America and Europe. So a main goal of ISMISS was to coordinate instructional activities and internatinal exchanges. In all three continents respective meetings were inaugurated in different locations. This activites shall shortly be documented in the following sections.

The 33 International Zurich ISMISS Courses for Percutaneous Endoscopic Spinal Suregery and Complementary Techniques 1987 - 2015

                                                                                             by Hj. Leu, Feb 2015

The regular Zurich/Switzerland instructional courses were inaugurated with a first meeting in October 1987 by Adam Schreiber and Yoshinori Suezawa at Balgrist University Clinic in Zurich Switzerland. Until November 1991, 10 courses were given, since 1988 organized by Hansjörg Leu, having one in english language and a second in german or french langage per year. Since 1992, the courses were given once a year in Nov/Dec exclusively in english language, including now also the regular annual board meeting of ISMISS. In 1995 the location was moved to Neumünster Hospital, where the courses were changed to end of January and remained so until today. In 2005 the Zurich location was moved to Bethania hospital and again another move in 2014 to Hirslanden Hospital, stepwise improving the technical facilities. Beside the presentation of up-front technologies and clinical experience by international experts, from the beginning, beside a faculty with 50-70 presenters, a special guest lecture was integrated giving a special high-light to the courses every year. The distinguished special guest lecturers were from 1987 to 2015 the following experts:

Oct 22   1987 :    Adam Schreiber, M.D.

Jan 28   1988 :    Sadahisa Hijikata, M.D.

Jul 7       1988 :    Wolfgang Rauschning, M.D.

Dec 1     1988 :    Jan Sheppherd, M.D.

Jun 15   1989 :    Sadahisa Hijikata, M.D.

Nov 30  1989 :    Raymond Roy-Camille, M.D.

Jun 21   1990 :    Parviz Kambin, M.D.

Nov 29  1990 :    John McCulloch, M.D.

Jun 27   1991 :    Parviz Kambin, M.D.

Nov 28  1991 :    Raymond Roy-Camille, M.D.

Nov 26  1992 :    Manohar Panjabi, M.D.

Dec 2     1993 :    Henry Sherk, M.D.

Dec 1     1994 :    Jürgen Krämer, M.D.

Jan 25   1996 :    Hallet Mathews, M.D.

Jan 23   1997 :    John Regan, M.D.

Jan 22   1998 :    David McCord, M.D.

Jan 21   1999 :    Daniel Rosenthal, M.D.

Jan 20   2000 :    Hallet Mathews, M.D.

Jan 25   2001 :    Wolfgang Rauschning, M.D.

Jan 24   2002 :    Anthony  Yeung, M.D.

Jan 23   2003 :    De Antoni  Daniel, M.D.

Jan 29   2004 :    Lee Sang-ho, M.D.

Jan 27   2005 :    John Chiu, M.D.

Jan 26   2006 :    Rudolf Bertagnoli, M.D.

Jan 25   2007 :    Sebastian Ruetten, M.D

Jan 24   2008 :    Jean Destandau, M.D.

Jan 29   2009 :    Andrea Fontanella, M.D.

Jan 28   2010 :    Munehito Yoshida, M.D.

Jan 27   2011 :    Gilles Dubois, M.D.

Jan 26   2012 :    Pil Sun Choi, M.D.

Jan 24   2013 :    Lester F. Wilson, M.D.

Jan 30   2014 :    Gun Choi, M.D.

Jan 29   2015 :    Richard Fessler, MD

With this larger series of 33 courses the annual ISMISS-meetings became a wordwide recognized forum in this field. Having outgrown in recent years to a worldwide rapidely evolving society, in consequence the Board of ISMISS, it its session of Jan 29, 2015, has decided to follow in the future a triennial cycle with annual ISMISS-meeting in Asia, America and Europe. So for 2016 we expect the ISMISS annual meeting in Asia in coordination of Gun Choi, MD, Korea and  Yue Zhou, MD, China.


The International ISMISS Courses in Philadelphia

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The International ISMISS/KOSMISS Courses in Asia

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Regular Regional ISMISS Meetings

The Meetings in Charkov / Ukraine

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The Meetings in Indonesia

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The Meetings in Paris / France

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The Meetings in Viersen / Germany

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